Bridging the Gap

Bridging community connections and life skills through mentoring and relationship building to help youth in Fairfield County succeed

Bridging the Gap is a youth life skills program for first time offenders who are currently involved in the probation program through the Fairfield County Juvenile Court and their families.  The curriculum has been designed by The Salvation Army and empowers young people by providing the tools necessary for successful decision making, self-respect, information about themselves and community resources, and the ability to problem solve.

The program will provide court involved youth with a well-structured, comprehensive personal development, education, and community service learning experience.  The program provides opportunities for tutorial services, life skills, gang awareness, health education, occupational therapy, computer training, mediation, and conflict resolution.

The program operates Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 4:30--6:30 p.m.  The program is led by a staff facilitator with training in working with youth and volunteers from our community who serve as leaders in their given fields.


  1. To prevent youth who experience a first-time arrest from subsequent arrests and problems with the law.
  2. To reduce/eliminate drinking, smoking and other drug use among participating youth by 50% or more
  3. Improve family relationships of participating youth
  4. Improve academic performance, school attendance, and school behavior of program participants
  5. Reduce/eliminate participating youth’s use of violence in resolving day-to-day conflict

For more information, please contact Captain Laura DeMichael at (740) 687-1921 ext. 1002

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