Planned Giving, Wills & Gift Annuities


Thank you for your interest in helping your fellow man through a planned gift to The Salvation Army. There are a lot of excellent charities who help those made in God's image and we are flattered you are considering ours.

You can positively impact our community from something as simple as a bequest to integrating sophisticated strategies that would allow you to receive income as you are liquidating/selling an important asset, like a business, stock, or real property. Most of our friends and supporters are surprised to learn that they can make charitable gifts, particularly bequests, in ways that won't necessarily diminish what they might leave their heirs. There's even a way to make a short-term "loan" to The Salvation Army from special assets like dividend-producing stocks so that you get your asset back or gift it tax-free to your heirs, but that's a little too complex to get into here.

If you are considering including The Salvation Army as a beneficiary of your will or estate it is important to note that there is no such organization legally recognized as "The Salvation Army of Fairfield County". The Army operates in our region as a New York organization, under a shared tax number with the parent headquarters (something unique to our particular charity). The Planned Giving Director for The Salvation Army in Cincinnati (which supports The Salvation Army of Fairfield County) can help construct the proper bequest language consistent with your legacy goals to ensure your charitable intent is allocated as you intend, particularly if you wish to help our local ministries and operations.

May God richly bless you!


We have prepared a brochure that helps you understand the process of planning your will and making charitable bequests. The information in this brochure will help you to make a more informed decision as you begin this process.

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For more information please contact The Salvation Army Planned Giving department in Cincinnati at 513-762-5600.  This department supports and represents The Salvation Army of Fairfield County.

For more detailed information about specific planned giving options, please visit

To create a personal gift plan to see what your income and tax benefits could be visit http://www.tsaleg